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Why would I speak to a therapist instead of a friend?

A therapist has professional training, ensuring objectivity and confidentiality.

A therapist won’t tell you their ‘answer’. They will help you find yours.

A therapist has firm professional boundaries.

A therapist prioritises you and your feelings.

You don’t have to feel guilty about taking up a therapist’s time.

How much does therapy cost?

The average cost per hour is between £45- £100 depending on experience and type of therapy offered.

How can I prepare for the first session?

Please keep an open mind about therapy and its potential to help you. Write down specific topics and issues you want to cover - it can be easy to draw a blank if you’re a bit nervous during your first session. Most importantly, be yourself.

How can I make progress in my therapy?

Maintain the momentum with consistent therapy sessions and be open and truthful about the issues and challenges you’re facing.

Can I do therapy online?

Yes, you can do therapy online. It is often as effective as face-to-face therapy, especially for treating symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

How do I know when to see a therapist? 

We all experience ups and downs in life.  It’s normal to feel awful one day but gain a new perspective that makes you feel better quickly. However, if your feelings are overwhelming, or you’re having difficulties functioning daily, it may be time to seek a therapist for help.

How will I know if I have chosen the right therapist?

You will often have a gut sense of whether your therapist is the right fit.  Feel free to express yourself honestly; you will feel the sessions are productive. In particular, if you feel unsettled or uncertain about the relationship of your therapist, discuss it with them. This often proves to be incredibly valuable, offering real potential for change.

Any more questions, please ask me. I am here to help you.
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My story
"I once was broken. I never felt good enough. I had lost hope and had no sense of purpose.

Through accessing the right support and learning to be honest, and vulnerable with those I trusted, one of whom was my therapist, I became the person I am today: I am enough, I love and respect myself.

I believe we all deserve to become
who we wish to be."

Paul Brown, BSc MBACP
My Values
In learning who we are, through understanding our pain, we can work towards becoming free of the old beliefs that keep us stuck and become the person we have always wished to be.
My Values
Every individual has the innate power to change towards achieving their full potential with the right type of relational support.. You deserve to be the best version of yourself.
My Values
Our past does not define us. Let’s find your strength together. We all deserve to be happy and free to choose who and how we wish to be.
My Values
In possessing meaning, we have a sense of purpose and can take responsibility, leading to achieving goals and dreams.